Pop along to your local second hand or vintage shops and you will probably find a huge amount of vintage pieces to use in your bathroom. Old enamel jugs and mugs are perfect storage solutions for many common bathroom products like hair brushes, cotton pads and combs. If you love sparkle why not add in some vintage crystal glassware and a carafe? The carafe can be used as a beautiful vase for flowers whilst cut crystal glasses can store smaller bathroom items you need to keep handy like hair ties and tweezers.

Storage is where you can have a lots of fun with a rustic bathroom as there are plenty of inexpensive options that lend themselves beautifully to a vintage style home. One of our favourite rustic storage options is to use vintage wooden crates. By mounting a few crates onto a wall you have instantly created some shabby chic shelving which will look beautiful when adorned with your vintage accessories and beauty products. Another way to use wooden crates is to simply stack them on top of each other creating a simple storage unit that can be completely personalised to the size of your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom you can place a few crates underneath the sink or place the narrow side of a crate onto the floor and build up to create a streamlined and thin open cabinet.

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