If you are looking for an inexpensive way to introduce colour and life into your bathroom why not bring in fresh bunches of flowers?

Flower arranging can be intimidating, but the art of arranging is easy to master when you follow a few simple techniques. Follow these simple steps to create your perfect bouquet.

1. You can embellish a vase or jug with wide ribbon in your favourite shade. Cut the ribbon with pinking shears and secure using double-sided tape. Wrap a contrasting narrow ribbon over first ribbon for an even prettier effect. Secure with a simple knot and clip ends at angles.

2. Fill a vase with water and add floral food and set aside. Start with three to four stalks of greenery to create a basic structure. Add clusters of the various flowers you like and secure the stems with rubber band.

3. Create a collar with larger leaves that will drape over the vase and secure with rubber band. Continue adding in large or small clusters of flowers until you end up with a full and varied display.

4. Trim stems short enough to be hidden by ribbon on vase. Place flowers in vase and admire.

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